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AcuPresence 64 Sacred Sites Card Deck & Guidebook

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The 64 Sacred Sites Card deck & Guidebook are an easy, fun, and pleasurable way to experience the healing art of AcuPresence, an embodiment practice for personal transformation and awakening.

The AcuPresence 64 Sacred Sites Card Deck is an invitation to build a relationship with the life force or soul essence that runs through us by tapping into the innate intelligence of the body’s energy system. We can come home to the sacredness of our body through a healing experience of self-love.

It can be used in conjunction with the I Ching, Gene Keys and Human Design.

"Alaya has brought alive an ancient mystery in these cards - that the human body has its own secret geography, and that it contains universal powers and forces that can be awakened with nothing more that simple awareness. Try them for yourself, and you will experience the magic firsthand!"

     Richard Rudd, Author of the Gene Keys